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Save your entire collection of diagnostic data in full resolution with just the touch of a finger. Deliver studies on a state of the art write protected RX400 USB-Stick with the RX400 MedX high-performance data copy system. The USB Sticks can be used alongside conventional patient CD, with added benefits such as high speed, storage space and independence from the availability of a CD drive. The compact RX400 MedX is easy to set up for system integrators, health care providers and hospitals.


The RX400 is a compact, fully integrated desktop device including integrated computer, 4 front USB ports, label printer and touch screen and can be complemented with an internal DVD drive to import data from patient CD/DVD into PACS. Combined with leading DICOM solutions the system can be easily integrated into your existing workfl ows like a DICOM printer. Patient sticks are produced as easy as you know it from patient CDs with the advantages such as fast opening of data and high storage capacity that allows multiple studies.

The Rimage Patient USB-sticks are automatically writeprotected so it can be used safely, and computer viruses don’t stand a chance. The integrated printer prints the patient label as soon as the fi nished stick is unplugged.

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Added Values for Hospitals and Clinics

Auto Assign Mode

Check out the easy to use Auto-Assihn-Mode we are offering on the RX400.

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Label Exchange

This video shows you how to exchnage the label role in the RX400.

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Multi-Study Option

See how to easily add studies to an exisiting stick with name validation.

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What makes a Patient USB-stick successful?

There are a few attributes a patient USB-stick needs to provide to be successful in the market. One of the biggest is security. But this attribute does not only count for the data on the stick. Security is also important for the user as well as the referring doctors who will need to access the data. 

With the Rimage patient stick we enhanced data security with unalterable data. This is achieved by WORM-like procedure. With “Write Once, Read Many” data on the Rimage patient USB-stick cannot be modifi ed. This provides high security against virus and malware, as the sticks can only be written by the RX400 system. Other USB-Ports can only read but not write any data on Rimage patient USB-sticks.

With our Top Line and BaseLine Pro Stick, the Rimage RX400 system will be able to add more data to your existing data and protect the USB-stick afterwards with our new multi-study protect feature.

Rimage USB Stick advantages

Security: Every USB-stick is write protected and can be individually encrypted. (needs to be supported by your DICOM Software)

Multiple Use: The RX400 can exclusively open a Rimage WORM stick and add new studies.

Affordable Price: The Stick is a one-time invest and can be used many years and with all kinds of patient data. This way it saves costs and is good     for the environment by adding additional studies to the stick by avoiding plastic waste from obsolete patient CDs.

Printed Info: The RX400 automatically creates individual labels per USB-stick.

Simple & Fast: Recording typical DICOM studies only takes 30 seconds. Jobs can be selected automatically or by selecting the patient’s name           on the touch screen.

Performance: High quality sticks and the system design allow parallel production of up to 4 USB Sticks. This results in a throughput that can be           several times higher than that of a CD robot.

Fast Opening: The reading performance of a Rimage Stick is multiple times higher than that of a CD or an online portal. This allows to open                high-resolution studies in seconds.

The BaseLine Patient USB-stick can only be written once. This stick is built for single time use and comes with a 3 year data retention time.

Key specifications are:

  • USB Version: 2.0
  • SingleWORM Feature
  • Connector: USB A
  • Max Read/Write Speed: 200/100 MB/s
  • Sequential read/write: 25/8 MB/s
  • Data Retention Time: up to 3 years
  • Capacity: 16GB

Our Top Line Patient USB-sticks can be used multiple times, as our Rimage RX400 systems, and only those, can reopen the patient USB-stick to add further data to it, before it write protects the patient USB-stick again. With this, you can collect all of our medical data to a single stick, which helps doctors to see the progress the patient made or evaluate any potential risks based on previous diseases.

Key specifications are:

  • USB Version: 3.1
  • Multi-Write Protect Feature
  • Connector: USB A
  • Max Read/Write Speed: 400/200 MB/s
  • Sequential read/write: 40/30 MB/s
  • Data Retention Time: up to 10 years
  • Capacity: 16GB or 64GB

Simplified Operations

  • The integrated touchscreen directly shows all available records, sorted by patient, coming from any connected DICOM source in your hospital. With a touch of a finger, you can select which study you want to store on a USB device.
  • With the high-performance hardware you can create USB sticks with common data, approx. 500 MB, in less than 20 sec. This allows you to create media on the spot, whenever a patient shows up at your front desk. 


  • The Rimage USB Sticks for RX400 have special Security features and are the only USB-Sticks you can use in the RX400 MedX. Each stick will be WORM (write once, read many) protected, disabling the possibility for patients to add any other files that may contain malware, viruses, or any other threats. Only with the RX400 MedX you are able to unlock the WORM protection, adding new studies, and enable WORM afterwards. This guarantees a total internal IT-Environment protection. With the integrated, adhesive paper thermal printer you can easily mark the USB sticks, ensuring you are handing the right stick to the right person. The dedicated patient labels are automatically created once you unplug the USB stick. 

Alternative positioning

  • With its small footprint of only 25 x 20 cm, the RX400 MedX is designed to be either directly on the front desk or can be easily mounted to any wall in your hospital – enabling the patient to download his data directly if the patient already has a Rimage USB Stick from previous hospital stays. 

Reliable Workflow

  • Without any moving and mechanical parts, the RX400 MedX is very service friendly. Most of the parts are easily swappable and readily accessible by opening the cover. 
  • With the easily accessible SSD, containing the OS and your local data, you can even request an exchange unit if required and just use the existing SSD in the new unit. In this case, your sensitive data will never leave your environment.

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