What makes a USB-Stick reliable?

There are a few attributes a USB-stick needs to provide to be considered reliable in the market. One of the biggest is security. But this attribute does not only count for the data on the stick. Security is also important for the user as well as the recipient who will need to access the data. 

With the dedicated Rimage USB-stick we enhanced data security with unalterable data. This is achieved by several security options such as write protection. With this feature enabled, the Rimage USB-stick cannot be modified easily. With the ability of pre-protecting the USB-stick on delivery, it provides an additional level of security against viruses and malware, as the sticks can only be opened and written by the RX400 / RX1000 system. Other USB-ports can only read but not write any data on the pre-protected Rimage USB-sticks. Here are some further advantages of the Rimage’s USB-stick:


Every USB-stick is write protected and can be
individually encrypted. Furthemore we are offering features
like copy protection, user right management and expiration

Affordable Price

The USB-stick is a one-time investment and can be used many years and with all types of data. This way it lowers cost and is considered eco-friendly by adding additional data to the stick and avoiding plastic waste from optical media.

High Performance

The system design allows parallel production of up to 4 (RX400) or 10 (RX1000) USB-sticks. This results in a throughput that can be several times higher than that of a CD robot. With multiple RX1000 you can increase the parallel production up to 80 USB-sticks.


Multiple Use

The RX400 / RX1000 can exclusively reopen a Rimage USB-stick and add new data (optional).

Printed Info

The RX400 / RX1000 automatically creates individual labels per USB-stick.

Fast Production

With the combination of high performance RX400 / RX1000 and the Rimage USB-sticks you can archive write speeds with up to 450 MB/s.

Fast Study Opening

The reading performance of a Rimage USB-stick is multiple times higher than that of optical media or an online portal.